The Elite category was PREVIOUSLY available as a dual-sanctioned (Alberta/BC) Provincial level Stage Race.  Participants were able to earn points in their respective home province. However, this year (2017), we are running an UNSANCTIONED event and fewer category delineations will exist. Final category delineations may depend on rider turnout and dispersal of participant ages. To elaborate, as you would’ve experienced during the zone4 registration process only the option of elite (cat 1-2) or sportive (cat 3-5) existed. Further delineations (based on age) within these ability classifications WILL depend on rider turnout.

Women will start 2 minutes after the men at each mass start race (Hill Climb & Road Race), followed by the age-based sportive race. Elite registration will be limited to 75 Men and 40 Women, on a first-registered basis. If a gender begins to run out of registration space, 5 slots will be incrementally removed from the opposite gender availability, reducing that gender’s total field size.