The Elite category is available as a dual-sanctioned (Alberta/BC) Provincial level Stage Race.¬† Participants may earn points in their respective home province. Women will start 2 minutes after the men at each mass start race (HC & RR), followed by the age-based sportive race. Elite registration will be limited to 75 Men and 40 Women, on a first-registered basis. If a gender begins to run out of registration space, 5 slots will be incrementally removed from the opposite gender availability, reducing that gender’s total field size.
MEN: Limited to UCI/Cycling BC Category 1-3 licensed participants
WOMEN: Limited UCI/Cycling BC Category 1-4 licensed participants
POINTS: Only Cat 1-3 Men & Cat 1-4 women are eligible for entry, and points in the Elite Open events. However, all licensed racers will be eligible for points in all ITT & Hill Climb events.