August 20, 2017: Circuit Road Race (83km/1,170m)

This challenging 2.75 lap circuit road race is deceptively flat looking, but you will rack up 83 km and 1,170m elevation, culminating at a hilltop finish. The course twists, turns, climbs, descends with a touch of faux-plat, there is very little 0% flat, it is far from a square box course.  The traffic controlled round-about provides a true Euro feel and the mountainous back-drop make this one of the most scenic and entertaining races of the season.
ELITE RACE: The Men will start a few minutes before the women for head-to-head combat in this dual sanctioned, Provincial Points eligible race. Separate male/female wheel cars will be provided. Dropped Elite Open participants are not allowed to work-with, or participate-in, the Sportive category peletons or racers so as to not impact that race category dynamic.
SPORTIVE RACE: Chasing Australian Pursuit 10 year age group peletons are forced to work together to gap-up to older age groups up the road, while defending against the younger groups coming from behind. Twice you’ll spin around the traffic controlled round-about just for that European feel. This race is not eligible for Provincial Points but will keep you rolling at full-gas for 83km.

Age handicaps are used to neutralize the “age factor” effectively pitting the strongest riders from each 10 yr age brackets, together for an exciting head-to-head finish. There is little time for pontification or jockeying within your age group as you work together to catch the older participants up the road, while working together to defend against the younger racers coming from behind. This makes for strategic thinking (are you shooting for an overall or age-based result), while the open format makes for social, work-with-anyone you catch or that catches you racing. Race timing starts as the 70 year olds start, followed by a 6 minute delay to the 60 yr old start, 5 mins to 50 yr olds, 4 mins to 40 yr olds, 3 mins to 30 yr olds and 2 mins to 20 yr olds. Women start with men, 15 yrs their senior. The first racers that cross the finish line create the overall results, but 10 year age increment results are also recognized. Actual, handicapped times are used in the accumulated time for overall and 10 year increment GC results.

SIGN-ON:  7:00 am – 7:45 am @ the BC Visitors Centre
START: 8:00 am Elite, 8:15 am Sportive (by age-group handicap delays)
START LOCATION: BC Visitors Centre, Golden Donald Upper Road
FINISH:  Hilltop Finish just past Hartley Rd, neutral warm-down ride to BC Visitors Centre
AWARDS/DRAW PRIZES: Upon result production, directly after race at the BC Visitors Centre
$40: Elite Open/Licensed Racers*
$40: Single Event Licensed**
 *Accepted Licenses: UCI or Cycling B.C.
** +$10 Single Event Insurance is required. $10 for the weekend, not $10 per stage

Enter all 3 stages of the Kicking Horse Cup and SAVE $20. Race the weekend for $100!