A Cyclosportive event falls between a traditional cycling road race (Elite Open) and a Granfondo; it is a great way to try your first race.¬† Participants challenge themselves, in their own personal battle against the course, the clock and/or other participants; you choose your enemy. For those truly racing, the age-based start time handicaps produce a fair, age-neutralized, BATTLE OF THE AGES. The handicaps are structured to put the strongest riders of each 10 year age group together for a true hill-top finale on the final circuit road race.¬† Participants may challenge the accumulated-time overall GC, or simply pick and choose individual events. This format creates fast, hard road racing in a low-key ambiance. The Kicking Horse Cup is authentic Shut-Up-Legs racing; you’ll never know if you never go!
ENTRY ELIGIBILITY: The Sportive Category is available to all levels of license holders. Unlicensed participants are welcome but must purchase a Single Event License (day license) for each race they enter.
POINTS: All licensed participants will be eligible for Provincial points in the ITT & Hill Climb. ONLY Cat 1-3 Men & Cat 1-4 women are eligible for points in the Circuit Road Race and must register as Elite participants.